Intervju med Sean Stone

Sitter just nu i en hamock i solen tillsammans med Sean och föreslog precis att vi skulle göra en intervju. Jag lärde för ett tag sedan känna Sean genom en vän och behövde någonstans att sova ett par dagar, då han och hans familj  hjärtligt tog emot mig och min resväska som den lilla vilsna zigenarunge jag är. Han och hans mamma har tagit hand om mig de senaste dagarna som om jag vore en i familjen och igårkväll åt vi traditionell amerikansk påskmiddag vilket jag uppskattade väldigt mycket eftersom jag saknade min egen familj. Hursomhelst så heter han trotsallt Stone i efternamn och är son till en av tidernas bÃ?sta regissörer Oliver Stone, som står bakom mästerverk som Plutonen, Wall street, JFK, Natural Born Killers och Alexander mf.


Why are you sitting there with your eyes closed, you’re freaking me out..

I’m listening to Dokken’s ”Alone Again” and visualizing myself riding a horse across a plain. What’s wrong with closing your eyes and dreaming? You’re scared of what you might see?

Yes I am, but we’re not gonna get into that. Lets talk about you. What was it like growing up with a superfamous father, and how did it effect your relationships with people?

I was shy, almost painfully shy as a kid. It didn’t really strike me that my father was famous until I was about 5, and he had just won his third Academy Award. Suddenly you’re aware of people saying Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen, all of whom I’d met as a kid, were ‘famous’. I had never thought of the world like that; I still don’t really. To me, people were people. My father’s job was to make films. And it’s not an easy process, full of ups and downs. Because at heart, he’s an artist; and I’d call myself the same. So you’re going into a soul-searching process each day you write or direct; the glamour and fashion and cheers comes after the heartacheâ?¦ if you’re lucky enough to have some success.


So how is your relationship with your father now? Do you feel pressure to follow in his footsteps or do you want to go your own path? Whatever that is.

 Yeah, whatever that is! Look, I’m not the first kid to come out of a filmmaking or artistic background, whether it be Renoir, Downey, Barrymore, Coppola, Lynch, etc. The point people have to remember is that each artist goes through an individuation process – it’s part of the artist’s path. And whether your father was a banker, a surgeon or a pimp, he’ll probably doubt your ability to succeed, and he’ll fear for your future. So the journey is for you, as an artist, to recognize your own morality as an individual – not your parent’s morality, or the morality of your adolescence. It’s a battle you must wage in your own heart to say, This is what interests me! I want to tell the story I want to tell, and no one can convince me otherwise! And if people aren’t doubting you and telling you no, you’re probably not doing something exceptionalâ?¦

Have you ever been in love?

In and out. I think ‘being in love’ is such a modern, Western concept. What about eros, sexual love? What about ecstasy? What about sacred love, without needing to even touch a woman? I think the songs of the Troubadours got modern man lost on this desire for ‘courtly love’ where he’d find his pure, virginal princess and woo her with vows of service and fidelity. That idea got so many young men screwed up because most young men get knocked on their ass when they treat girls like princesses – cause girls aren’t princesses! They have to earn that right. They have to prove their worth, rather than man always trying to prove his. A man thinks that money and fame or sports cars and jewelry prove his value; that he can then earn the woman. But I believe in the spirit! If I’m attracted to you, I want to spend time with you. If it’s just sex, then let’s enjoy that. If we like doing activities and going out together, let’s enjoy each other’s company. But love dies for me the moment it becomes too predictableâ?¦

Whats the biggest turnoff/turnon for you when it comes to women. explain why. Fear. Most people are ruled by fear. So many women tease; they play games; but the moment you turn up to make it happen, they get nervousâ?¦ unless they’re drunk. And that’s my second biggest turn-off. Why do people need alcohol to excuse their behavior! If you wanna fuck, you should fuck and accept the responsibility. Recognize your desires, your passions, and your shortcomings. But people are so used to drugs and alcohol that it becomes a crutch by which they act rather than doing what they want and living with the consequences…

Do you see yourself having a family anytime soon and will you raise your children the same way your parents raised you, or will you do it differently?

Do I sound like the type of man who could settle down anytime soon! But who knows. In a day, you meet the woman who is your balance, who understands and loves you for who you are, and you feel maybe this could be someone to live with. Family is another problem because I’m in a tricky time. I need to make my own career firstâ?¦ Plus, I’m not so sure the theories about pole shifts and geo-climactic disasters in 2012 are too far off-base!!!

You are very young, only 26, but please tell me about your work and if you are working on anything right now.

Well I’m still in the post-production process on ”Graystone”, my first feature. It’s a documentary-style film based on actual events — my friend Alex Wraith and I spent quite a bit of time exploring abandoned mental hospitals, haunted houses, etc. So we took all these crazy experiences of the paranormal world – ghosts and demons – and put it into one night where we break into this haunted mental hospital in Jerseyâ?¦ And we find out we’re not alone in there. It’s been a lot of fun doing this film because I feel like I lived it, every step of the way. Risking our lives breaking into the locations, nearly getting arrested, fighting with demons – I mean, we’ve been bit, scratched, possessed, terrorized, had demons call us, threaten to take my soul. Weird stuff! But since I was a kid, I used to dream of living a horror film. I always wanted to battle Freddy Kreuger!

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