Over compensation at it’s finest

They never stop do they? These  insecure boys who will tell lies and say that they’ve been with you and had sex with you when they really haven’t?  Geez… Imagine if we women would be that pathetic..?!

It’s just a sad thing guys do to appear badass… Thing is, if they were truly being honest they’d have a lot more to lose. Most women don’t even like you spreading sexual stuff without permission, but most will not even bother confronting a liar because their parents taught you to ignore people like that. Uuhh… If I had a penny for every guy who took my virginity I’d be rich..

The other day a girlfriend of mine in Malmö wrote me on Facebook and sent me a picture of some random guy who apparently bragged openly about that he had sex with me and explained in every detail to the girl he was trying to impress sitting next to him how it was. I have never even seen this person my whole life. Have any of you seen this loser before? I’d love to have a chat with him…

I guess some guys will say whatever is best for them in each situation. But not on my behalf!10559205_10153074046359129_1725496126_n


Today I went with to the Ortodox church in the little old town in Dubrovnik and lit two candles and said a prayer, one for my father and one for his mother, my grand mother. I’ve been very sad all day, but I’m lucky I have nice friends to comfort me. <3DSC01772DSC01767DSC01743

Girls night in

Today I spent most of my time laying on the bathroom floor, rolling back and forth and having things falling down on my head. Yes, there was a serious storm going on while we were cruising to Dubrovnik and I got Seriously see sick. All glasses were crushed to the floor and all cabinets were out. My face was literally green and I have stomach cramps from vomiting so much. I couldn’t even stop vomiting even though there was nothing left to throw up, and now I’m laying g here in bed, exhausted from today’s horrific experience watching Bridget Jones diary… Just looked out the window and it looks as if we sailed to Sibiria…






Still in Montenegro

Thank you for your loving and kind emails and comments.. I’m not gonna let those bad and mean people get to me, your right… Last night we had dinner at the beautiful Aman resort and then we went to a night club that was exactly how I expected a Serbian nightclub to be like. Ceca in the speakers, gorgeous women with tight dresses with animal prints and drug dealers with flat heads and suspicious scars. And a lot, a lot of drugs. I left pretty quick and went back to the boat to sleep with Natalya. Today we’re going hiking!








my angel, Natalya

I cannot describe in words how much this girl means to me. In such short time she became one of the closest people in my life and I thank Universe for sending her my way when I needed a friend like her the most. She helped me get through a very hard time in my life and she was the one making me smile again after I had been depressed for a long time… I’ve never before met a more strong, yet so delicate woman my whole life, and the purity in her heart is not only inspiring but so, so prescious and I cherish every single moment with her. This light energy that surrounds her and her sweet way of talking with her broken english. It’s so rare these days to find people that are genuine and real, and when i think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her even say a bad word about anybody since I got to know her..

I’m crying while writing this because today I have been very sad about my grandmothers death and I’m getting so many hateful and cruel comments from readers and even my ex boyfriend who is writing the most terrible comments from anonymous alias. I believe in good and I refuse to fight back, I just wanted peace, and Natalya is by far the purest most loving girl I have ever met my whole life. I simply love her.

Btw.. I’ve decided to not go to Ibiza..


night out on the town

Last night we had a lovely dinner with our girl Lisa and the boys! Soon we’re going back to Ibiza for some more fun and then I actually have to go back to Sweden, my poor old grandmother died today and I want to be there for the funeral…. Rip Else <3 DSC01695DSC01692DSC01698DSC01720