pre party

Here are some pictures from our crazy pre party on the boat last night with Indian theme! We have three cripples on board, One with a broken leg, one with a broken arm and one with a hurt knee so it’s been quite interesting every time we’ve tried to leave the boat since Croatia basically is built on rocks and the boys are walking with crutches ! Hahaha!


day three

Having a bit bad internet here on the boat since we are going around all of the islands here and the satellites. Having so much fun here, it’s incredibly beautiful and I’m with a really fun group. Last night we had a party on the boat with the group then we took the tender in to shore and went clubbing for a bit. We danced for hours and were up to the sunset. Now It’s time for a swim! 

In Croatia

Jesus fucking Christ am I tired! I’ve been giggling like an idiot the whole way here, never went to sleep last night so I’m becoming a bit dumb… Just had lunch on the boat and now it’s time for a nap then dinner and club! 20140722-183132-66692836.jpg

el chiringuito


Today I’ve been chilling on the beach all day, swimming eating and tanning. After the beach I went to town and did some shopping and more eating. Now I’m back in the house packing my bags and early in the morning I’m flying to Montenegro!

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how to treat your woman

It took me a long time to stop confusing safety with love, and I think I’ve finally came to to point where I’d much rather be alone with dignity than in a relationship that requires me to sacrifice my self-respect. Don’t hold on just because you think there will be no one else. There will ALWAYS be someone else! You’ve got to believe you are worth more than being repeatedly hurt by someone who doesn’t really care…. And believe that someone will see what you are really worth and treat you the way you should be treated.

Just remember to hold her a little harder and kiss her a little longer, and I promise you that most problems will be solved..

Anyway, Here are some tips on how atleast I want to be treated as a woman in a relationship!

 1. The 3rd eye kiss. Kiss her on the forehead! For me it has always been one of the most rewarding, healing and loving way to show love, and gives me a strong sense of security and wellbeing. I just melt whenever a guy knows how to activate my pineal gland!



2.Compliment her. Yes, even if she’s a strong woman there is always a little girl deep  within wanting love, attention and affection, And if you can’t handle this – walk away, and good luck finding any woman who doesn’t need some occasionally verbalized compliments. And also, always be sincere whenever you give a compliment. Look her into her eyes and mean it!


3 . Never comment on her body in a negative way. Men need to resign any preconceptions when it comes to the female form and what it should or shouldn’t look like because nothing good will ever come out of this. Also, never talk about other women’s body parts, don’t talk about how big boobs someone has, this is a major turn off and you WILL get dumped for this. It only shows you are disrespectful, immature and only cares for women sexually.


4. Tell her she’s loved. Reaffirm it, and really prove that those words aren’t empty! I, myself is very good at letting my partner know exactly how much I love him and in every little detail and why. Therefor I expect the same back. Same thing here, be sincere and say it with some f’n feeling! Because if you love someone without knowing how to love, it wounds the other person..


5. Never hit her! Even if she slaps you for whatever reason, NEVER lay a hand on her. You simply do NOT hit a woman! If you do – You are NOT a man.


6. Love her for her. Don’t try to change your woman into something she is not. A woman needs to know that you love her for her, we women are already so judgmental towards ourselves as it is, so all we really need is for you to show us that you will love us no matter what, even if we lose or gain 5 pounds. Make us feel comfortable in our own skin and we will be more confident in bed and daily life.




7 . Ask for her opinion! Bitches love that shit.


8. Manners and generosity are a must.. Coming from Sweden I know many girls who finds it insulting to their independence whenever a guy tries to pull her chair out or opens the door for them, but I say fuck that and channel your inner gentleman! This is actually one of the reasons I never date swedish guys.. It’s as if they are afraid to be called sexist if they offer to pay for dinner…?! No, I personally LOVE being taken care of and to lean my head against my mans chest, perhaps it’s a pisces thing, dunno..


9. Loyalty. When distrust comes in, loves goes out… It has to be you and your partner against the world. Not you against 146 other girls. Your mans job is to reassure you that you have nothing and no one to be jealous about. He needs to let you know that you are untouchable and that there is no one who stands a chance against you two. And another thing – when a woman tells you her deepest and darkest secrets it’s a great compliment – Do not break her trust by using this against her later in a fight.  It only shows her what a small man you are and she will never tell you anything again.



some pics

Hey fellas! Whats up! Sorry for not blogging, I’m in the middle of moving my blog to another platform, and yeah, I’m busy partying as well…. Here are some pics from the last couple of days. I’m having a blast and in a couple of days I’m off to Croatia!