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Buh bye Metromode.se! From now on you find me on my original domain ”http://itsmeyourdani.se”! I’m just waiting to transfer all data and I’ll be good to go! :)


clicks by vanessa

The other day I went to my girl Vanessas clinic Clikcsbyv , and man did she make her new place pretty?!  I’m so proud of her, she’s such a strong, stunning and independent young woman, and it’s beyond me how she still not taken.. 

Anyway,  this is my third time I’m doing laser on my calfs, and I would say that 75 % is gone! Amazing, eh?  After the laser Vanessa gave me a spray tan and then packed me like a mule with products from Exuviance and healthy granola, tea and etc.  Tomorrow I’m going back to do LPG, it’s been a while and I’ve missed it!

Vanessa Ammar
tel: 040-615 20 69


shalom in the home

I know some of you are disappointed  in me for not writing about the situation in Gaza, but  don’t feel like I know enough to give a proper one… I have a lot of Israeli friends AND a lot of friends who are arab, I read articles everyday and watch interviews and reportages, but whenever I try to speak to people about the situation it’s as if they force you to take side..?

I refuse to take side, how can I be against a whole ”nation” ..?  No, I’m against sadistic psychopaths who are killing civilians, but also martyrs that are using babies as shields. I’m against war, and I’m against killing in the name of God. Just like Mother Theresa always refused to demonstrate and fight for peace, I’d rather help the wounded and hurt…See, you don’t fight for peace, you PEACE for peace…

Anyway, My girlfriend Vanessas uncle is right now working in Gaza so we I will start to collect money to the refugee camps by selling bracelets, starting next week.



buh bye Metromode


Ah, it’s so nice to be home at my moms place, not giving a damn, no make up, no extensions, walking around in pajamas all day looking like a member in ”The Jonas brothers” scratching my ass and whining – Mooooooom, Im hungry…..

BTW – This is my last weekend blogging for Metromode by the way. Yup, on Monday I’m getting my own domain… Yay! I want to thank everyone for these 2 fantastic years! THANK YOU!

I still haven’t decided what to call my blog yet though… Any suggestions? I was thinking perhaps – Distrubedfairy.se, DKLA.se or just itsmeyourDani.se.. Do you guys like any of those?  HELP ME!


the wedding of Micky and Nora

There was quiet a few wedding going down in Ibiza while I was there. This is one of them, the wedding between Micky and Nora. It was all white and oh, so pretty! When they exchanged rings and put on Enya and everyone released their balloons my nipples got really hard… Haha.. I could have pointed someones eyes out with them, I swear! It was really amazing… This guy is a pro, which is completely understandable since this is his 5th wedding..
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Eckhart Tolle in the sun